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Lemonade Time!

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How adorable are these girls? 🙂


My daughter, Raven, and her friend Myiah, decided to do a lemonade/Rice Krispie treat stand yesterday. Oh, what an adventure! They braved the Kansas wind and scorching sun, but it was worth it.

They happened to be doing this while I was home on my lunch hour, so I got to observe for awhile. It was really nice to see such a variety of people stop. Some were friends or acquaintances, others were just passerby’s. They even had a trucker (yes, a big rig!) pull over just to purchase a lemonade and treat, which they thought was pretty awesome.

I will admit that, when I was younger, I would pass lemonade stands and not really think much about whether or not I should stop. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I read a random article that talked about how you should ALWAYS stop at lemonade stand.


So, here are a few reasons why I will always stop at a lemonade stand…and why YOU should, too:

You will boost confidence. It’s hard work, putting yourself out there like that. Even for kids sometimes. If they are willing to go through the trouble to be out there, the least I can do is show them a little support.

You are helping kids learn about money. This is an excellent way for kids to use their math skills – adding, subtracting, counting back change, etc.

You are helping children learn to interact with people. In a safe environment, with parental guidance.

These kids are out of the house! What an excellent way for kids to use their creativity and get outside, instead of being couped up inside all day, glued to the TV or video games.

It’s H-O-T outside! What better way to cool off than with a refreshing lemonade? 😀

I actually apply these rules to booths at farmers’ markets and craft fairs and stuff like that as well. I always try to stop and support these kids. What great little entrepreneurs!


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