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A Day at the Museum

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We finally made it to the Museum of World Treasures today. We’ve been talking about going for quite a few years and today was customer appreciation day, so we got in for $3 each. Woohoo!

Let me just say that, while we had a great time and saw lots of fascinating things, it was worth the money just to see a real mummy. In mine and my husband’s opinions, anyway. 🙂

If you’re looking for something fun and educational to do, inside where it’s nice and cool (bonus!), I would definitely recommend this museum.

Here is a look at our trip (in a nutshell)…




My favorite statue here. How can you not look at this and smile? 🙂


This is how we roll



Yes, this is a real shrunken head. Yes, it is just as disgusting in person.


In case the shrunken head wasn’t enough for you…


Saddle up, partner!


A real, 3500 year old mummy. How cool is that?!


This mummy is called The Braided Woman. So cool!

Have a wonderful weekend! 😀


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