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Juicing Combos

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So, I’m off to a great start with juicing…I think. It’s been interesting to see which combos of veggies and fruits we like best and which items produce the most juice, etc.

For example, jicama produces about the same amount of juice as apples, maybe even a little more. Broccoli produces almost no juice at all. With lemons and limes, a little goes a LONG way.

The juices I have made so far have been pretty neutral, with a touch of sweet. I am looking forward to adding a little more flavor and spice. Cucumber mint. Lemon ginger. Maybe even a spicy V-8 type of juice. Yum!

Here are a couple of our favorite juices so far (that Mike even liked!):

Carrot Ginger Juice

  • carrot
  • jicama
  • apple
  • lemon
  • ginger

Spinach Apple Juice

  • spinach
  • apple
  • jicama
  • carrot
  • lime

No measuring here. I like to just wing it and throw in as much of each item as I want. I probably should start keeping track, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂


One thought on “Juicing Combos

  1. Kellye gave me your blog address & I thoroughly am enjoying it, Stace. Keep up the good work!! 🙂


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