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Slowly But Surely…

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For some reason – maybe too much Pinterest..? – I have a sudden, much needed, urge to completely organize our home office.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a long time coming. I can blame it, in part, on the fact that our home was built in 1888, when no one believed in storage. There are minimal closets and cupboards, so we have to get very creative in how to organize and store things. I’m also not very good at decorating, so I haven’t known how to organize without my office looking like a storage unit, crammed full of moving boxes. 😉

So, it’s no surprise that my office is in a constant state of disarray. Stacks of papers to file. Mail everywhere. Stacks of coupons. Stacks of magazines. Bins full of kid projects and school papers. The list goes on.

office clutter


This is how I’ve spent most of this morning:


Creating hanging files and sorting through little stacks of papers. It’s an exciting life I lead. I’m tellin’ ya… 🙂

I’m on a mission to get this office completely organized by the end of January. I’ll keep you posted!

Next on my list is to create a sorting system for incoming mail and one for school papers. I’m open to suggestions! (HINT, HINT!)


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