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My Fitness Pal

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my fitness pal (1)

Have any of you heard of, or are you using the My Fitness Pal app? My doctor recommended it to me recently, so I put it on my phone and I have to say that I really like it, so far.

For me, like a lot of you out there, just holding myself accountable and seeing my progress each day is a huge help with my weight loss. I am less likely to eat that candy or extra cheese pizza or ice cream (my favorite guilty pleasure!) if I can see how many calories I am consuming.

And I lost 3.2 pounds in the first week. Yay!

I’ve used quite a few different apps and online food and exercise tracking sites and I have to say that this is by far the easiest that I have used. And it’s completely FREE! 

my fitness pal (3)

For me, if an app or online tracker takes too much time to find and enter foods, I will not keep at it for very long. My Fitness Pal is really quick and easy. There’s even a barcode scanner! Just scan the barcode on the product package and voila! Instant entry – just enter your serving size and that’s it!

my fitness pal (4)

You can also add more than one food or drink at a time, once they are in your “recent foods” list. For instance, I can add coffee and creamer at once. Or eggs and salsa. Or cereal and milk. You get the point.

my fitness pal (5)

I also like that once you are finished entering your food for the day, you click the “finished logging for today” link and you get a screen that looks something like this…

my fitness pal

This shows where your time and effort will take you… 🙂


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