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Mail Sorter Makeover

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I posted recently about my office organization project. I finally got all of my papers sorted into my hanging file box. Yay!

Then I moved on to project #2 – my mail sorter makeover.

mail sorter makeover

Don’t laugh at my “art”! I am not an artist – and obviously not good with a paint pen. 😛

By using supplies that I already had on hand, the total cost was $3.77! I purchased the sorter at a garage sale for $1.00. I purchased some peel & stick letter stencils at Walmart for $2.77. The white paint I got for FREE during a Valspar free sample paint offer. (This offer is no longer available, but I linked to it so you can check back periodically, since they run this special every once in awhile). The black paint and painting supplies I already had on hand.

Anyway, for someone who is not crafty AT ALL, I think it turned out pretty good. I love cheap, easy projects like this one!

Of course, now I have no excuse for piles of mail stacking up on my desk. 😉


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