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Kid Approved Checklists {For Morning and After School}

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coffee signYep, pretty much sums up mornings at my house. Ha! You can purchase this fabulous sign here

I really dislike weekday mornings lately. It seems like, more days that not, my entire family leaves the house feeling frustrated. Mostly due to being unorganized, but also because my kids just enjoy driving each other nuts. 😉 So, I have been eagerly trying to find ways to alleviate some of the stress in our morning routines.

Checklists are nothing new to us, but we haven’t used them at all this year. I received some great advice recently, which was to have each child help create their own lists. Chances are, if they help create it, they will have more buy-in and will be more likely to use it. (Yay!)

So, each of the kids and I sat down and created a personalized checklist for their morning routine and one for after school. I gave them basic tasks that I wanted to include, then let them add more tasks and put them in whatever order they wanted. They chose the font style and font colors and got to choose the corresponding photos (children are visual learners, so it’s helpful to have a photo for each task).

Here are the end results, for now. Nothing fancy, but I think they’ll do the trick. We might tweak these later on, once we’ve had a chance to test them out.




Surprisingly, this has to be one of the most fun projects I have ever done with my kids. Weird, I know. But, watching them think outside of the box, to search for the perfect corresponding photo was really interesting. 

Also, since I let them choose whatever they wanted, the results are hilarious. My kids are pretty silly. Just like their parents. 😀

We haven’t had a chance to use these yet, as we’re on our second snow day this week. I’m very optimistic and I’ll let you know how it goes!


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