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Our Weight Loss Journey: Month 2

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We just finished month two of our weight loss program and we both feel fantastic! I can tell you that this program has not been easy, but I am truly amazed at our progress. I never would have thought that my body could shrink down this much in just 8 weeks!

I am comfortably wearing a size smaller than I was two months ago. Yay! To be able to shop for jeans and buy the first pair that I try on is something that I haven’t experienced in…I don’t even remember how long ago that was!

I can tie my shoes and paint my toenails without feeling like I am going to break a rib! It’s the small things, you know? 😉

It’s been an interesting journey so far. One of the main reasons I started this program was because I have a pretty severe sugar addiction. However, I have found that instead of craving sweets, I have been craving pizza! My husband has been craving pizza too, which is worse for him since he’s the one that picks up pizza for our kids sometimes and has to smell it in his car all the way home…

0810151825 [2030895]

And then we watch the kids chow down…

0810151824a [2029479]

Did I mention that I made my daughter homemade lasagna for her birthday? Mom of the year right here, I’m tellin ya! 😉

0819151849a [2016125]

I just keep telling myself that this is not forever and that it will all be worth it in the end. When we are healthy and happy. 😀


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