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Jacksonville: Where It’s Summertime All Year Long


1105151331I started to name this post “Jacksonville: The Land of Many Fountains”, because if you’ve ever been to Jacksonville, you know that they are very proud of their fountains. They are EVERYWHERE.

Mike and I had the best time visiting family in Jacksonville, FL recently. With NO KIDS! Doesn’t happen very often (or ever, now that I think about it…). Mike was there on business, but we were able to go a day early and spend an entire day with two of my brothers (one who lives in Jax and one who flew from CT to see us), my sis-in-law and her parents, and my two awesome nephews.

It was the first week of November and the temp was still on the 90’s. It was so humid that when I would walk outside, my glasses would fog up! I hate to admit it, but it made me appreciate Kansas weather. Just a little.

We spent part of our free day in St. Augustine, visiting Castillo de San Marcos, which I have to say is quite spectacular. Started by the Spanish in 1672, the Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in North America. It’s beautiful and you can just feel the history surrounding it.



1104151142bWe are dorks…1104151152a

And, of course, you have to eat lunch at a local joint. We chose White Lion Bar & Grill. I should have taken food photos…it was AMAZING! Have you ever heard of fried mac and cheese bites?! Seriously delicious!


We had dinner at Copeland’s of New Orleans.


I would seriously eat dinner here every night if I lived here (and I could afford it 😉 ). The food was wonderful.


But the BEST part…the Bananas Foster. Oh. My. Goodness.


I believe these photos speak for themselves.

After one bite…1104151938bAnd after consuming most of the dish by myself (I don’t know what was going on with my lip – do I always look like this when I eat/drink?!)1104151942

Spent some time with our nephews. Love these kids and sure do miss them.

1104152032Our evening entertainment. He’s a kid of so many talents! 1104152032aFinished off our trip by hanging out with these two clowns. As with all of my siblings, when we get together we revert back to acting like obnoxious teenagers. Good times!1105151334

Mike had to work 😦

1105150809But the rest of us had coffee at Bold Bean Coffee in Jacksonville Beach.1105151022a

1105150952If you’ve never had a pour-over coffee, you totally should. The flavor is so much better than standard coffee (in my opinion). Yummm! 1105150958a

And just like that, it was time to say goodbye and head back home.


Every time I go to visit family, it feels like such a blessing. ❤ Now I can’t wait for our next mini vacation!


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