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My Yoga Adventures {Back Pain & The Dreaded “Plank”}

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bean bag planking

Remember when “planking” was popular? Of course, this is not the kind of “plank” I’ll be talking about today – but I couldn’t resist. 🙂

So, I’m on day two of my yoga adventures and I’ve learned two things so far: 1) if you don’t do the poses correctly, your back will hurt (at least mine did/does) and 2) I am much stronger than I thought I was!

I found that my entire back was sore right after doing yoga. Like if I breathe too hard, my back might break…yeah, that kind of soreness.

So, I read up on it today, and of course everything I read points towards core strength. Engaging your core when doing your poses. Which, of course I wasn’t doing. Lesson learned. Tomorrow will be better!

Immediately after reading about core strength, I decided to do the dreaded “low plank“. This is a fantastic exercise for core strength, but my least favorite thing to do. Ever. BUT, I have to say that when I did it today, I was able to do it for twice as long as I normally do.

Whether that is because of the yoga (even after only two days) or because I am mentally ready to take on the world of exercise, I’ll take it!

Now I’m ready for some chocolate cake. I should be thankful that there is no chocolate cake in my house. 😉

Have a wonderful day!

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