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How Long Does It Take To Kill A Garden?

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Every year I play the “How long will it take to kill this garden?” game. Not because I want to kill it, but because I most certainly do not have a green thumb!

But I plant a container garden anyway. Because it’s fun and it makes me feel productive. And I’m less likely to kill plants in containers…? 😉

I enjoy a good stroll through the nurseries. Flowers make me happy. They are so bright and cheery.


I always “oooh” and “aaah” over the plush, beautiful landscaping – and dream of having a lawn like this one day…


So, pay no attention to the weeds in this next photo. 😛

This small container garden is in my front yard.

Then I have some fresh herbs (two different types of basil, cilantro, parsley and spearmint) and some lavender on my front porch. Having easy access to them when I’m cooking is wonderful, plus it makes me happy to see them every time I go in or out of my house (they are by my front door).


I planted these beauties on our porch railing. The orange flowers close when it gets shady, then bloom when it’s sunny.


Last year we used these planters for our herbs, but I enjoy the pops of color along the front of the porch.


Oh, I almost forgot about the cucumbers! Last year I let them grow over the pot, into the lawn, which was a nuisance when we tried to mow around them. This year I bought some little hooks to screw into the fence boards, in hopes that I can train it to grow upward. I’ll let you know how that goes (yikes!).


How is your gardening going? 🙂

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